Interview: The Purge Anarchy stars Michael K. Williams and Carmen Ejogo

THE PURGE: ANARCHY opens up the world hinted at in the first film by giving us a chilling glimpse at what goes on in the streets during that fateful "kill 'em all" night of the year. Either you're a hunter or the hunted, and everyone in between had better take cover or kiss their ass goodbye.

Carmen Ejogo's character Eva can attest that it sucks to be one of the innocents caught in the crossfire, as she and a handful of others find themselves running for their lives as the city burns around them. Meanwhile, for a man like Carmelo, played by the great Michael K. Williams, the night of the purge is an opportunity to revolt against the corrupt government that deems this night necessary.

I spoke to both Williams and Ejogo about their roles in the film, and whether or not they'd take part in the purge if it were real.

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