INTERVIEW: Wolfman star and badass Hugo Weaving!

Hugo Weaving is simply one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. I remember first seeing him, along with Russell Crowe, in the cool little flick called PROOF. And since then, he has done a couple of movies you may have heard of. From THE MATRIX trilogy, to V FOR VENDETTA and yes, of course THE LORD OF THE RINGS, he has managed to be a part of some of the biggest films in history.

I’d never met him before, but I was certainly excited to do so. He is a wonderful actor and he is an incredibly nice guy. We talked about what he knew about the history of Universal’s monster movies, and of course, his work in THE WOLFMAN (opening February 12th at a theatre near you). He even mentions THE HOBBIT quickly near the end. He really is as cool as you would hope he’d be.

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