It's the Booze Talkin', Twin Peaks Needs to Happen!

As of last October I was giddy! The trees looked especially impressive. I couldn’t help but notice the red lights flashing at stop signs. And yes, my mind was constantly shifting to Special Agent Dale Cooper checking with Diane about a number of mundane things. That’s right! David Lynch was returning to Twin Peaks and all was right with the world. While the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer has long since been revealed, there are so many mysteries that could open up in this quaint little town. Yet much like Leland Palmer’s awful realization of what he had done through ‘Bob,’ we are faced with the prospect of losing another season of this iconic show before it even begins! Am I overreacting? I sure as hell hope I am.

Recently the great Kevin Woods reported that David Lynch had expressed that the return of Twin Peaks was facing “complications.” It seems that contract negotiations aren’t going as expected. So what does that mean to us? Who the f*ck knows. And this is truly frustrating. Lynch is one of my favorite filmmakers. He is intensely insane, and equally brilliant, and more than a little quirky. And that is exactly why I loved the idea of him taking this series to Showtime where he can say screw the censors and do whatever the f*ck he wants to do. Even on network television back in 1990, the series went to places far wilder and more shocking than TV had ever gone. Contract negotiations? Are you freaking kidding me?

The one question that I had when I last discussed this is would it be possible to return to it’s former glory. Considering that the series had finished it’s final course with the feature film TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME in 1992, it could be a heavy burden in the hype machine of today. Yet somehow that really doesn’t matter. The strange thing about this crazy wonderful show is that it feels dated, yet timeless all the same. Twin Peaks exists on another level, another dimension, so much so that it is just as relevant as it was then. As I mentioned last time, the fine fellas on the series Psych paid loving tribute to this classic show, once again proving that fans would be more than willing to return.

David Lynch clearly loves all things Twin Peaks. And let’s face it, he has been putting his creative energy elsewhere, considering his last cinematic credit was a documentary short called Idem Paris in 2013. The man behind some of the most inspired films ever created - including BLUE VELVET, MULHOLLAND DR. and ERASERHEAD - needs to be back behind the camera and bring his macabre sense of mayhem and humor back to audiences that still remember what a wild and wacky world he can create. And for those unfamiliar with his work, he has inspired nearly every modern filmmaker that thinks outside the box. What better way to do this than direct a few episodes of the return to one of the greatest television series ever created.

Am I passionate about Twin Peaks? Oh yes I am, and then some. While television has changed for the better since the early Nineties, I happen to think that a groundbreaking show like Twin Peaks would flourish in a modern world. It would also be wonderful to see some of the original cast members return, with a few fresh faces… After all, Twin Peaks certainly featured some of the brightest and most beautiful ladies on the small screen in it’s heyday. To this day there are few things as seductively erotic as the hauntingly stunning Sherilyn Fenn demonstrating what she can do with a cherry stem! I want more of this… No, I NEED more of this!

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but a return to Twin Peaks must happen! The show is one of the strangest and most provocative works the small screen has ever produced. It is a harrowing and mysterious series that could easily examine the seemingly trivial world of those that inhabit it. To be teased that we would see a return, only to see it torn asunder by complications is disheartening to say the very least. Let’s get those contracts taken care of, clear up some talent schedules and bring the series back to life. Come on Mr. Lynch and Showtime, we are counting on you!

Extra Tidbit: Should I give up hope for a Twin Peaks return? What do you think?
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