James Duval turns serial killer in Noirland, check out first stills & teaser

You all know who James Duval is, right? You may recall him from any number of Greg Araki films, or as I like to remember him, he played Frank, the malefic 6' rabbit in DONNIE DARKO. Rings a bell, right? Well, apparently the dude is going postal in a twisted horror mystery called NOIRLAND, a flick written and directed by Ramzi Abed. Cop a dose of some initial stills and teaser trailer below!

Also starring Troma's own Lloyd Kaufman, Rena Riffel, Wendy McColm, Twink Caplan, Lorielle New, Elissa Dowling, Silvia Suvadova, Ford Austin, Bianca Barnett, Lenora Claire, as well as porn starlets Hollie Stevens (below) and Mary Jane - NOIRLAND chronicles:

A catatonic serial killer named Tiberius Malloy (Duval), who is put under a deep hypnosis in order to free his last victim, and revive him into coming to terms with the sadistic sexual acts he is responsible for. An amnesiac detective searching for a serial killer, finds out he is the prime suspect. Criminal psychiatrists and psychologists watch and listen to the mysteries unfold.

Filming is still underway, though very close to wrapping. Word is Abed looks to premiere the film later this year if not early in 2011.

Extra Tidbit: Duval currently has 12 acting gigs in various stages of production!
Source: AITH



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