Jodie Foster to direct Rosemarie DeWitt in Black Mirror season 4

Black Mirror Jodie Foster Rosemarie DeWitt

Black Mirror hasn't even premiered its Netflix-exclusive third season yet and they're already prepping a fourth season. What are they, Channel Zero?

As much as I'm excited for this season, which premieres this Friday, October 21st, the fourth seaason is even more enticing, pairing director Jodie Foster with Rosemarie DeWitt for one of its darkly satirical, sci-fi tinged episodes. The SILENCE OF THE LAMBS actress has directed for Netflix before, helming episodes of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, in addition to her feature films like MONEY MONSTER.

DeWitt, who has appeared in projects like CINDERELLA MAN and United States of Tara, has most recently dabbled in the genre with 2015's POLTERGEIST remake. She'll be appearing later this year alongside Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in LA LA LAND.

There are currently no plot details on the episode they will be shooting.

The six-episode season 4 of Black Mirror will begin production this year for a 2017 release date.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite film that Foster has directed?
Source: Deadline



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