Joe Carnahan to give us some Undying Love

Joe Carnahan, master of the existential genre film (and, uh, whatever the hell A-TEAM was supposed to be), has signed on to write and direct the action/horror hybrid UNDYING LOVE for Warner Bros. THE GREY filmmaker will be replacing Alexandra Aja in the director's seat.

The film, based on the graphic novel by Tomm Coke and Dan Freedman, is about an ex-soldier who falls for a vampire, though in order to be with her, he must take on her creator. And that creator happens to be protected by an army of mobsters in the Hong Kong underworld.

Carnahan has said of his involvement:"I really took to it, and the metric I use is how fast I come up with ideas and an outline, and this brought about a bunch of ideas. It is a little out of my wheelhouse, taking place in China with mysticism and swordplay, but there is a lot of potential here."

Anyone want to start placing bets on whether or not Liam Neeson will take the lead? He and Carnahan seem downright inseparable at this point and could be bidding for some recognition for THE GREY this Oscar season. But nevermind that-- does UNDYING LOVE sound like it'd be in your viewing wheelhouse? Talk back with your thoughts below, my vampire hunting Schmoe mercenaries...

Extra Tidbit: Jessica Biel (above) delivered a performance in THE A-TEAM. That's all the excuse I need to throw up a pic...
Source: Deadline



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