John C. McGinley to join Dana Gould's Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil John C McGinley Dana Gould

Stan Against Evil, the upcoming IFC horror-comedy show from Simpsons writer/comedian Dana Gould, has found its Stan! Taking the lead is John C. McGinley, best known as the sharp-tongued Dr. Cox from the medical sitcom Scrubs. He's also had a strong film career, appearing in movies like SE7EN and PLATOON, but he doesn't seem to have had much experience in horror. Unless you count HIGHLANDER II: THE QUICKENING. Which I don't.

McGinley will play

Stanley Miller, a sour, aging bulldog of a New England police sheriff who has recently lost his position as head honcho due to an angry outburst at a most inappropriate moment — his wife’s funeral. Impatient and judgmental, he’s not exactly accepting or kind towards people from different walks of life. When the new, strong-willed sheriff Evie Barret (Janet Varney, The Legend of Korra) opens his eyes to the plague of angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town, Stan begrudgingly joins an alliance with her to fight them off.

Honestly, I can't wait to see how they pull this one off. McGinley won't need to stretch to inhabit this character, but it will be a treat to see him exploring the horror genre, even if it's mostly from a comedy angle.

In a statement he said, “Dana has crafted the most deliciously combustible, subversive contrarian on television. And we are going to set it off!”

Stan Against Evil is set for a late 2016 premiere.

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of Scrubs?
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