John Fallon talks The Shelter and 3 new pictures from the film!

THE SHELTER, a film written, directed, and produced by our founder John "The Arrow" Fallon, is scheduled to show at the Film4 Frightfest in London at 8:40pm on Friday, August 28th, and in the run up to the festival Fallon has been interviewed by a couple of very cool film blogs.

During an in-depth Q&A session with Cult Projections, which also covers how Arrow in the Head came to be, Fallon discusses what it was like making his feature directorial debut, how he landed Michael Paré for the lead role, and the moment that inspired the writing of the screenplay:

The initial creative spark that triggered The Shelter was seeing a homeless man sitting in the snow on my way back from a hockey game. I gave him some money and on my walk back home I started making up a story about that man. Who was he? Where did he come from? How did he get there? Where is he going? The seed for the Shelter was born.

Talking with Afraid of the Dark, Fallon reveals the biggest obstacle the production had to overcome, which celebrity he chose to send a copy of THE SHELTER to, and how time consuming and difficult filmmaking can be even after your movie has finished post-production:

...nothing could have prepared me for the battle that lay ahead. Every step forward has and still demands much effort and most of them also cost money. Let me put it this way; The Shelter has been my full time job since January 2014 and I’m still waiting for my first paycheck. And I won’t even get into the emotional roller coaster ride this endeavor has been for me thus far. I’m definitely stronger and wiser for it. With that said; if I had to do it all over again... I would in a split second.

We also have three new images to share from the film. Check them out within this story! Starring Michael Paré, Gayle James, Rachel Whittle, Brigette Rose, Lauren Thomas, Daena Turner and Amy Wickenheiser, THE SHELTER has the following synopsis:

On a star filled night, widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did. Inside, with nobody in sight, he finds all of the comforts that he used to have. After taking a bath, feasting wholeheartedly on some food and relishing the silliness on the tube, he gets some well-earned shut eye.

 All is well until a restless Thomas wakes up in a panic and finds a loaded revolver resting on his lap. Baffled, he picks up the weapon, checks the barrel and notes that it is fully loaded. A visceral sense of unease invades him immediately. Something is very wrong and he decides that it is time to leave. Alas he finds out swiftly that the premises won’t let him depart so quickly. The doors are all locked, and the windows puzzlingly cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. Will he survive the ordeal?

THE SHELTER was produced by John Fallon and Donny Broussard, executive produced by Bruise Productions and JoBlo Movie Productions, and is represented by DC MEDIAS (contact them here). Production and post production elements were completed by Holbrook Multi Media.

Extra Tidbit: Have you gotten a ticket to Frightfest yet?



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