John Fallon's The Shelter gets North American premiere this weekend!

Arrow in the Head's own John Fallon is currently making the festival rounds with his directorial debut, THE SHELTER, and we couldn't be prouder of the man. The film screened at Sitges and Frightfest a few months ago, and now it's prepping to make its North American debut at Louisiana's Southern Screen Film Festival (to then screen in Australia at the A Night of Horror Festival). The importance of the film screening there is fairly sizable; THE SHELTER was predominantly shot in Lafayette, LA, where the fest is held, so it's a coming home party in many respects.

Here's what Fallon had to say about THE SHELTER's presence at Souther Screen:

Lafayette, Louisiana was a big part of The Shelter. Most of the film was shot there and the bulk of our talented cast & crew were from there as well. Hence it’s a pleasure for me to share the film with the local audience. On that, a warning; as opposed to what I have done in the past, The Shelter is a moody and introspective film, not an exploitation affair. Hence I advise the audience to not go in there expecting a cinematic keg party, as they won’t get one. Think more funeral.”
Director of Photography, Editor and Lafayette native Bobby Holbrook on the screening:

“It’s great to see the Lafayette film scene continue to grow, and to have “The Shelter” play at the Southern Screen Film Festival. The fact that production and post-production for the movie were completed locally, and that a lot of the cast and crew are from the area, just adds to that. The audience can expect to be gripped by John Fallon’s dark story and an outstanding cast. One review called the movie audacious, and it’s not like any other movie out there right now, so they can expect the unexpected. I also hope as they watch the film they get excited that this is just the beginning of what our own local film scene has the potential to do and be.”

Producer Donny Broussard on the screening:

“The Shelter is a true indie film, mixing art and horror and in the process creating a chilling experience. I’m very excited to watch the film with the community that helped make it.” 

This weekend, if you happen to be in Louisiana - or simply want to make the journey there - we encourage you to check out THE SHELTER at Southern Screen; tickets can be found HERE. The film screens on Sunday, November 22, at 5:30pm local time.

Starring Michael Pare, here's what THE SHELTER is all about:

Widower and homeless man Thomas (Michael Pare) finds shelter for the night when he falls upon a vast two story house with the lights on and an inviting open front door. He strolls on in thinking he just caught a lucky break and for a while, it would appear as though he did. Inside, with nobody in sight, he finds all of the comforts that he used to have. After taking a bath, feasting wholeheartedly on some food and relishing the silliness on the tube, he gets some well-earned shut eye.

All is well until a restless Thomas wakes up in a panic and finds a loaded revolver resting on his lap. Baffled, he picks up the weapon, checks the barrel and notes that it is fully loaded. A visceral sense of unease invades him immediately. Something is very wrong and he decides that it is time to leave. Alas he finds out swiftly that the premises won’t let him depart. The doors are all locked, and the windows puzzlingly cannot be opened or broken. Destiny has brought Thomas to this place. Will he survive the ordeal?  

Source: Southern Screen



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