Katia Winter gets haunted in Eduardo Rodriguez's Unwanted

Katia Winter

Katia Winter, who played Nadia on Dexter and Katrina Crane on Sleepy Hollow, has continued to work in the horror/thriller genre by taking the lead role in director Eduardo Rodriguez's UNWANTED. Zach Avery and newcomer Ashley Jones join Winter in the cast of the film, which was written by Andrew Wong.

The story: 

After the premature death of her estranged husband, Emma (Winter) regains custody of their young daughter Isla (Jones) and hopes to rebuild their relationship after many years apart. But when an evil entity begins to torment them, mother and daughter are forced to face the inexplicable presence that inhabits the walls of their new home.

Now in post-production, UNWANTED was shot on location in Goshen, New York. It was produced by Luis Guerrero and Chris Lemos of Vital Pictures, along with Kacie Lehner. Ash Christian co-produced, with Jay Hernandez serving as executive producer. 

Rodriguez's previous genre credits include CURANDERO (which was based on an original screenplay by Robert Rodriguez) and the 2013 version of FRIGHT NIGHT 2.

Going by the synopsis, UNWANTED's story sounds rather familiar. I think every horror fan has seen something like that play out several times before, but I'm willing to give the film a chance to impress.

Katia Winter

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