Know the Muffin Man?

Fangoria pointed us in the direction of the Dancing Monkey Production entitled THE MUFFIN MAN, and yes, it's about as campy as you can possibly imagine.

From director Blaine Wasylkiw comes a movie about, well... here's how Wasylkiw put's it: “...it’s about a serial killer back from the dead, with the head of a giant frickin’ muffin!” Yeah. You hearth that right. A giant frickin' killer muffin...man. A bit like THE GINGERDEAD MAN, taking a killer swing on an old, child's tale- cool! Here's the Official Synopsis from the flick's website:

Summer is over, the day-olds are a day older, and it's business as usual at the struggling donut shop on Drury Lane. Chad, Jane, and the rest of the staff have no idea that the shop's former proprietor - serial killing baker, Desmond Bailey - is about to return to the scene of his original crimes. Deformed, enraged, and possessed by a malicious demon, Bailey is more dangerous than ever. It's up to Hank, the grizzled detective who ended the baker's first killing spree, to convince the staff of the imminent danger. Will they heed his warnings before it's too late, or suffer a delicious demise at the hands of the menacing murderer with a massive muffin for a head? The heat is on, the timer is set, and a new evil is on the rise!

And check out this tag line: He's Evil. And Delicious. How can you not like that? Now this is a pretty low budget flick, but even Troma frountman Lloyd Kaufman is behind this flick, making the intro to the DVD, which is being released this summer. How cool is that?

Check out THE MUFFIN MAN's Official Site for more info., and for updated images and trailers, which should be flowing online directly in the next few months. Killer pastries rule!
Source: Official Site



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