Kristina Klebe takes on Henry Rollins in The Last Heist trailer

Director Mike Mendez caught my attention with his 1996 feature debut KILLER (a.k.a. REAL KILLERS) and his 2000 film THE CONVENT made it a sure thing that I would be checking out anything he ever makes. I've followed his work through THE GRAVEDANCERS, BIG ASS SPIDER!, his segment of the anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN, and LAVALANTULA, and now I'm anxiously awaiting the release of his thriller THE LAST HEIST.

How could I not be hyped for THE LAST HEIST? It's directed by Mendez and pits Kristina Klebe against Henry Rollins while telling the following story: 

A bank heist descends into violent chaos when one of the hostages turns out to be a serial killer. Trapping the well-organized team of bank robbers in the building, the killer is now picking them off one by one... 

That sounds like a whole lot of fun to me, and judging from the trailer that recently dropped online (and is embedded below) this film is going to be an awesome viewing experience.

THE LAST HEIST will be released into theatres and onto VOD June 17th.

Extra Tidbit: How does THE LAST HEIST look to you?
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