Lawrie Brewster's The Black Gloves heads to FrightFest

The Black Gloves Lawrie Brewster Owl Man

The legendary Owl Man from director Lawrie Brewster's film LORD OF TEARS is making its return in his new movie, the 1940s-set black and white gothic noir THE BLACK GLOVES.

The fourth collaboration for Brewster and writer Sarah Daly, THE BLACK GLOVES tells the story of 

a psychologist obsessed with the disappearance of his young patient, and the menacing owl-headed figure that plagued her nightmares. His investigations lead him to a reclusive ballerina who, just like his patient, is convinced that she is about to die at the hands of this disturbing entity.

Macarena Gómez, Jamie Scott Gordon, Alexandra Nicole Hulme and Nicholas Vince star.

Brewster's company Hex Media currently has a three-disc special edition of THE BLACK GLOVES available for pre-order. I have the three-disc special edition release of his movie THE UNKINDNESS OF RAVENS and was quite impressed with it, so hopefully this release is on par with that one.

The DVD/Blu-ray has an estimated release of November, but attendees of Horror Channel FrightFest's upcoming Halloween extravaganza in London will get to see the movie a little early.

In a marathon line-up that also includes HORROR MOVIE: A LOW BUDGET NIGHTMARE, HOSTILE, IT CAME FROM THE DESERT, HOUSEWIFE, BEYOND SKYLINE, and TERRIFIER, THE BLACK GLOVES will be screening at Empire Cinemas - London Haymarket just in time for Halloween, on Saturday, October 28th. Tickets to that event can be purchased on the FrightFest website.

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