Liam Neeson is in talks to boss around the new Men in Black

Liam Neeson

A reboot of the MEN IN BLACK franchise is on the fast track at Sony, coming together quickly for a release date that's only a year away. While Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones won't be back for the new film, it is set in the same universe as the Smith and Jones trilogy - but this time we'll be seeing how the London branch of the Men in Black operates.

THOR: RAGNAROK co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are reteaming to star as the new "Men" in Black, and the website Omega Underground claims the film's story deals with 

Tessa’s character Em trying to prove herself by joining the London MIB and being paired with the former ace Agent H, played by Hemsworth. The pair become involved in a murder mystery that has them tavelling the globe.

Now we know who will be sending Hemsworth and Thompson (H and Em?) out on their missions, as Liam Neeson is in negotiations to play the boss of the London MIB. That's a great choice for the head of an alien-policing organization. What alien would want to step out of line and have to deal with Neeson?

Rip Torn played the boss of the American division of the MIB in the previous films, a character named Zed.

Set to be directed by THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS's F. Gary Gray from a screenplay by IRON MAN's Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, the new MEN IN BLACK is scheduled to reach theatres on June 14, 2019.

Steven Spielberg is executive producing the reboot, with Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald producing.

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