Linnea Quigley meets a werewolf on Bonehill Road this Halloween

Bonehill Road Linnea Quigley Todd Sheets

The werewolf movie BONEHILL ROAD, which is the 25th feature from independent filmmaker Todd Sheets, made its world premiere at the Screenland Armour Theater in Kansas City last October, and this year Wild Eye Releasing will be bringing it to a wider audience just in time for Halloween.

Starring Gary Kent, David E. McMahon, and legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley, the "howlingly terrifying" movie has the following synopsis: 

Emily and Eden Stevens escape one violent situation only to dive head first into another. Terrified and alone they are stranded in the dark woods only to be chased into a horrific scene in a house or horrors. They must work together to get out alive. But what is worse? What is on the inside or out?

Wild Eye hasn't announced a specific release date for BONEHILL ROAD, just that it will be out "this Halloween", but in anticipation of the release they have provided a poster for the film and a new trailer, which can be seen below.

Boasting practical werewolf effects, the film is said to be an homage to classics like AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, THE HOWLING, and DOG SOLDIERS.

The fact that it's a werewolf movie starring Linnea Quigley is all I really needed to know to get anxious to see this one. I'll be watching BONEHILL ROAD this Halloween for sure. Check out the trailer to help decide if you will be as well:

Extra Tidbit: How does BONEHILL ROAD look to you?
Source: October Coast



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