Top 10 Genre Flicks to see in Fall 2017!

Say it ain't so yo...the summer is officially waning like yesterday's solar eclipse. Almost finito. I'm so depressed!

And yet, it's the movies that will help us all persist this Fall. Because, frankly, there are a whole lot of cool looking genre joints set for release between September 1st and November 30th. Everything from big-budget sci-fi sequels, daring arthouse originals, classic redos, murderous makeovers and even holiday horrors are on the docket, and we couldn't be more thrilled to give you the goods on which we're expecting the most out of. Feel free to add below what you feel we've unfairly omitted, but until then, get low to check out our official Top 10 Genre Flicks to see in the Fall of 2017!


Under the creative aegis and blessing of Sir Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve's almost impossibly thankless task of doing BLADE RUNNER 2049 justice has to be the single most intriguing film to sweep across theaters this October. Can Denis recapture what made the original so damn important? Can he actually surpass expectations and give us a superior sequel? Hard to imagine, but if anyone can do it, it's the visionary talent behind PRISONERS, ENEMY, SICARIO and ARRIVAL. Story wise, we know a young Agent in Ryan Gosling must track down old salty dog Rick Deckard and find answers and antidotes to what could be a society ending catastrophe.


Straight up, when Darren Aronofsky directs a film, it becomes must see appointment viewing! The fact that the BLACK SWAN director has returned to the realm of horror for his new outing MOTHER! only cements the sentiment, and that's before we even consider the cast. I mean, look at my sexy ass gal Michelle Pfeiffer getting loose up top...at nearly 60 years of age. For f*ck's sake, the movie should be called GILF! Throw in Oscar winners Jennifer Lawrence and the always compelling Javier Bardem and we've got what's sure to be the talk of the town in just three short weeks. I haven't been more excited for a film in a long, long time!


From a DOGTOOTH to a LOBSTER to now THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER, this Yorgos Lanthimos mofo is one insane animalistic Athenian! Truly, anyone who saw THE LOBSTER last year knows how wonderfully weird, offbeat, bleakly humorous and overall out of this world that flick was, and if the promos for his new venture are any indication, we're all in for an even more fantastically f*cked up time this November. THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER reunites Lanthimos with Colin Farrell, in a story that sees a surgeon make a grave decision when the boy he has taken under his wing shows a sinister side. Rave reviews are already flooding in, but if need another selling point, two words. Nicole Kidman!


After shattering records for trailer viewership, after reportedly tracking to bank north of $50 million domestically, ah yeah friends, IT's all happening! Now, let's just forget Stephen King's DARK TOWER was ever made into a movie, and instead quickly set our sights on the return of IT and the Loser's Club in only two short weeks. That's right y'all, September 8th is the day the protruding forehead of Pennywise pops out of the sewer and wreaks gory havoc. Honestly, since the original was just a stretched-out TV miniseries, we should have a good amount of faith this newfangled version will reign supreme!


Michael Fassbender might be the finest actor working the screen today. Seriously what can't this guy do (other than his sister in SHAME...good call Mike). The next project for Fassbender to showcase his supreme talent is in THE SNOWMAN, a very cool looking and brutally violent murder mystery from Swedish director Tomas Alfredson (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN). The story is from fellow bestselling Scandinavian author Jo Nesbo, adapted from his novel by Hossein Amini (DRIVE) and Peter Straughn (TINKER TAYLOR SOLDIER SPY). The gist? Detective Harry Hole (Fassbender) investigates a woman's disappearance when her pink scarf is found wrapped around a creepy looking Snowman!


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and goddamn it, the void left in JIGSAW's wake the last seven years (seven!) has painfully proven that truism. Ah, but the great Tobin Bell returns as the titular puzzler this Halloween, this time long left for dead, only to mount a near impossible comeback in order to torture a whole new host of unsuspecting souls. The brothers Spierig (DAYBREAKERS, PREDESTINATION) are behind the camera on this entry, the 8th of the franchise, which promises to be one of the goriest films of the fall. Question is, is John Kramer really back or is a copycat killer doing his bidding for him?


Yep, Nina Dobrev is THAT hot. Like, so hot she spontaneously combusts. At least, that's what this promo pic for the upcoming sequel of FLATLINERS will have us believe. Well, that and in the addictive endorphin rush a brush with momentary death can bring. You know what's up. A quintet of med students get in too deep when tinkering with their own heart-rates, ecstatic to experience the afterlife. Good old Kiefer bridges the continuity of this one and its 1990 predecessor, with Ellen Page, Diego Luna, Kiersey Clemons, James Norton and the illustrated fire-bomb above also starring. Behind the lens? Niels Arden Oplev (DRAGON TATTOO), directing a script from Ben Ripley (SOURCE CODE).


Hate to say it, but the last five years of Bruce Willis' career has been one giant DEATH WISH. Yet, in a grand twist of irony, he can atone for it all when Eli Roth lets him do his finest Charlie Bronson homage in DEATH WISH this Thanksgiving. And frankly, what could we as Americans be more grateful for than Bruce F*cking Willis (cue the rolling tear). Now, the plot is inconsequential, as DEATH WISH has been appropriated via every vigilante action flick of the last 40 years, TAKEN and JOHN WICK as recent examples. Still, it'll be interesting to see Roth's departure into pure action and to see Willis play Paul Kerksy.


Few things slake my cinematic bloodlust like a good Christmas horror yarn. If for no other reason than that, in addition to the ever-sexy Virginia Madsen, high hopes are held for BETTER WATCH OUT come this October (Xmas in October? Sheesh). Early returns for the Aussie import have been favorable, boasting a suburban tale about a babysitter (Olivia DeJonge) who must protect the 12 year old boy (Levi Miller) she's watching after when his home is invaded. DeJonge's VISIT co-star Ed Oxenbould (they played the siblings) and Patrick Warburton are also onboard, with Chris Peckover directing his sophomore effort (UNDOCUMENTED).


What better way to get this shindig off to the races than by highlighting a flick that comes out on a Friday the 13th in the dead of October?! F*ck yeah, HAPPY DEATH DAY is that kind of cinematic celebration! Who cares if the flick is rated PG-13, how can you resist the sheer fun of this premise? A girl must relive her birthday, which is also her death day, over and over until she realizes who the killer is. She dies differently each day, but the killer remains the same. Too damn good. Starring a harem of young hotties, the flick comes from director Chris Landon (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4, SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE).
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