Top Five Child's Play Sequels

Being that we've got another Chucky sequel coming our way soon in the Don Mancini helmed CULT OF CHUCKY, which is currently shooting, I thought what better time to celebrate all things Chucky and take a look back at the other sequels in the series. CHILD'S PLAY was the number one series that scared me as a child. It's had its up and down (which we will be going into) but overall the series ranks right up there with the other horror classics as a franchise that just won't (and never should) be laid to rest. Here is our ranking of the top five CHILD'S PLAY sequels.

1. Bride of Chucky

Well, hello, dolly. I remember being excited as hell when I first saw the trailer for this film. Chucky was back and this time he came with a killer set-up. You see one of the fundamental issues with the CHILD'S PLAY franchise (as much as I hate typing out those words) is Chucky is only so much of a threat. 'Kick the little sumbitch' more than a few people have argued. But in BRIDE OF CHUCKY they gave Chucky what he always needed - a human cohort to carry out the dirty work. Even better, the human cohort is played by the eternally sexy Jennifer Tilly. Still, what makes BRIDE OF CHUCKY a classic is the pervasive sense of joy the film exudes. Chucky is as badass as he's ever been, and funnier than we thought possible, and the kills get better, and wetter, as the flick rolls on. Tag to that a subtle self-referential humor, a kick-ass new Chucky design, and a new doll all together with the amazing Tiffany and we get the CHILD'S PLAY sequel we never deserved.

2. Curse of Chucky

This entry is pretty goshdamn great. When it dropped straight to DVD a few years back I was a bit hesitant to check it out. I mean it's Chucky so I had to, but after the dry hump that was SEED OF CHUCKY I was feeling a bit Chucky'd out. But then I watched the flick, and now I'm ready for more and more Chucky. As long as it's as killer as CURSE OF CHUCKY. One of the aspects I like the most about the film is you don't know what tone Don Mancini (back in the director's chair after SEED) is striking at the beginning. Turns out he decides to have his cake and eat it too. Is this a prequel? A sequel? The first half of the film plays it psychological and scary. But just as the premise gets a bit silly, Mancini changes gears in a cheer-inducing scene where the mean brunette bitch-lady notices something strange on Chucky's pristine face... What the hell is that... She picks at the plastic... and pulls a chunk off - revealing the battered and stitched "new" Chucky we've all come to love. From there the flick becomes a fast, fun, hilarious Chucky movie, and I couldn't have been happier. Mancini really pulled a fast one on us here and he deserves a slow clap for his efforts.

3. Child's Play 3

Now I might get a bit of flack for this one, but I like this entry. It was the first Chucky flick I saw. I stayed up one night and made myself watch it. That experience was a big moment for me growing up, as Chucky scared the absolute di*k off me as a kid. He was my number one fear. Not kidding. So, yeah, part 3, will always have a special place in my horror-heart. Plus it's got Ari Gold's hot wife in it. Didn't remember that? Well maybe that's just one of many reasons you should go back and give CHILD'S PLAY 3 another day in court.

4. Child's Play 2

I really don't care for this sequel either to tell you the truth. No worries, this list isn't a Chucky bashing by any means, it's just that I have tried to give this film the love I feel it (might) deserve time and time again, and for me, the film just doesn't do much to scare or entertain. At all. The Chucky design is slicker than the first film - which is not necessarily a good thing - and there are a few classic sequences within, including the opening assembly line montage and the ending meltdown battle royale, but all the stuff in-between just bores me to tears. To each his own, I guess. Now let's move on to the good stuff...

5. Seed of Chucky

I recently read a ranking of the top CHILD'S PLAY flicks and this sequel came in at - gasp - number fuc*ing one on that list! How does that happen? Whoa, I must have missed something BIG time, huh? I doubt it. That said I do need to revisit the flick, being that I only peeped it once right after it's initial release. But from what I remember the flick went way too far into comedy for my liking. Not that it was bad (which it was) but just because, come on, Chucky is inherently silly - unless you're a child, in which case he is fear incarnate - so to make an actual comedy out of the premise/character is a little too... um... on the nose, let's say.
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