Loads of stills & a trailer pop up for the Edward Furlong thriller Below Zero

The last update we got on Justin Thomas Ostensen's BELOW ZERO was a long time ago people. I'm talking over a year. Hell almost two years to be exact! So what's the deal yo?!

Now I'm not sure what the hold up was but it seems BELOW ZERO is finally moving forward with the release of it's first teaser trailer and a boatload of stills. That's right folks! After nearly two years of waiting we've finally got a nice juicy update on BELOW ZERO for you! Is it worth the wait? Probably not but let's find out anyway!

Above and below you'll find the mess of new stills from the flick that feature stars Michael Berryman and Edward Furlong. If the feel of these stills are any indication as to how the movie plays out I'm definitely digging it. Also below you'll find the first trailer for BELOW ZERO, which can also be found over in our videos section. So what are you waiting for? Get scrolling and enjoy!

BELOW ZERO focuses on a screenwriter who locks himself in a slaughterhouse freezer in the face of looming deadline. Left with nothing but his own demons to distract him, he writes the story of a tow truck driver who finds himself accidentally locked in a slaughterhouse freezer with the barely alive victim of a serial killer. Naturally, reality and fiction eventually merge.

I don't know about the rest of you but today's update completely sold me on BELOW ZERO. Pretty original premise and a badass villain... what's not to love?! Along with Berryman and Furlong the flick also stars Kristin Booth (below), Michael Eisner, Sadie Madu and Dee Hanna.

Unfortunately while today's update is a big one, we still don't have a release date for this little diddy. I know, bummer. As soon as any other updates for BELOW ZERO float our way you can bet we'll be right here to pass that shite right along to all of you.

BELOW ZERO (2010) - Teaser Trailer

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Edward Furlong performance?



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