Mandy Moore and Claire Holt face sharks In the Deep on August 2

Last summer, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR director Johannes Roberts filmed a shark thriller that was going under the title 47 METERS DOWN at the time. That project has received a title change on its way to distribution. 

47 METERS DOWN is now known as IN THE DEEP (which was the original title of this weekend's shark thriller THE SHALLOWS), and Dimension Films, Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Starz Digital are teaming up to release the film on DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand on August 2nd.

Written by Roberts and Ernest Riera, IN THE DEEP stars Mandy Moore and Claire Holt as two sisters who endure the following horror:

Twenty-something sisters Kate and Lisa are gorgeous, fun loving and ready for the holiday of a lifetime in Mexico. When the opportunity to go cage diving to view Great White sharks presents itself, thrill-seeking Kate jumps at the chance while Lisa takes some convincing. After some not so gentle persuading, Lisa finally agrees and the girls soon find themselves two hours off the coast of Huatulco and about to come face to face with nature's fiercest predator. 

But what should have been the trip to end all trips soon becomes a living nightmare when the shark cage breaks free from their boat, sinks and they find themselves trapped at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left in their tanks, they must somehow work out how to get back to the boat above them through 47 meters of shark-infested waters.  

Matthew Modine and JASON X's Yani Gellman are also in the cast.

I am somewhat disappointed that this is going straight to DVD and VOD, since it sounded like something I would like to check out on the big screen, as I'm going to do with THE SHALLOWS. Regardless, I will be watching this movie in August.

While there is some art out there with the 47 METERS DOWN title on it, it doesn't appear that there's anything for IN THE DEEP yet. In lieu of official marketing materials, I have included some behind the scenes shots culled from Instagram. They feature Moore, Holt, and Bob the stand-in shark. 

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching IN THE DEEP?
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