Meet the British Leatherface in Escape from Cannibal Farm trailer

Escape from Cannibal Farm Charlie Steeds

We keep hoping that a trailer for the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE prequel LEATHERFACE will make its way online any day now, and we've held on to that hope while many days have passed. The wait for LEATHERFACE continues, but a different trailer has arrived online that might make the wait a bit more bearable.

This trailer is for writer/director Charlie Steeds' ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM, and the influence that TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE had on this film is very blatant. Steeds isn't hiding it - although he crafted his own back story for the character, his character "The Boy with the Melted Face" is clearly the British Leatherface, human flesh mask and chainsaw included.

I might be more bothered by this if I weren't so anxious to see more Leatherface right now and if the trailer weren't of such good quality.

ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM has the following synopsis: 

In the British countryside, the Harver family head out on an idyllic summer camping trip where they can bury past tensions and enjoy some family bonding. But when their camp is sabotaged by an unseen intruder in the night, they head to the nearby creepy old farm desperate for help, where vengeful farmer Hunt Hansen and his hideously deformed son aren’t farming animals… Caged and waiting for their limbs to be severed, cooked and eaten one at a time, the Harver family must overcome their differences and unite in order to escape alive!

Barrington De La Roche, Kate Marie Davies, David Lenik, Rowena Bentley, Toby Wynn-Davies, Joe Street, Kate Llewelyn, and Peter Cosgrove star. Michael Lloyd is the cinematographer who made the movie look as good as it does.

ESCAPE FROM CANNIBAL FARM is currently looking for distribution.

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