Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley join the cast of Eliza Graves

One film that has become more than just a blip on our radar is Brad Anderson's ELIZA GRAVES. The film, which is reportedly based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe called "The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether" and is adapted by Joseph Gangemi, has already pulled in some top-notch talent with the additons of Kate Beckinsale and Jim Sturgess to the cast (read our stories on their castings HERE and HERE). Today we have word that two more heavy-hitters have also joined the growing cast list of ELIZA GRAVES, and their additions are a reason to get stoked about the film

Deadline is reporting that iconic actors Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley have signed on to appear in Anderson's next, although it has yet to be announced what their roles will be. Just having these two legendary actors onboard is enough to pique my interest.

Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson, Mark Amin and Cami Winikoff are producing ELIZA GRAVES, which is set to begin shooting June 24. The film is a turn of the century thriller about...

a young doctor who comes to apprentice at a remote mental institution. He meets a beautiful patient, with whom he falls in love under circumstances which may be much more complicated than they seem.

We'll keep you updated on casting news for ELIZA GRAVES as it rolls in.

Kingsley and Caine also shared screentime together in the 1988 Sherlock Holmes comedy WITHOUT A CLUE

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Source: Deadline



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