Michael Stephenson's haunted house doc premiering in October on Chiller

Back in August of last year we brought you news of Michael Stephenson's follow-up to his lovable documentary BEST WORST MOVIE (the one about TROLL 2 that you've hopefully seen by now), a non-fiction flick about homemade haunted houses. At the time, Stephenson and company were looking for submissions; the best, most "out there" Halloween-centric homes would make it into the doc and be on display for all the world to see.

Thanks to an article in today's Variety, a few new details have emerged on the project. The film has finally gotten a proper title, THE AMERICAN SCREAM, as well as a gameplan: It's set to debut this October on Chiller. An exact date isn't available, but obviously we've got some time for that...

Here was the original pitch for the flick: October 31 has always been the target for mischief, monsters and – above all – FUN. But this dedication to Halloween mayhem isn’t just carried out by costumed children and prank-crazed teens. From the suburbs to the cities, there’s a tremendous world of devoted adults who spend the better part of each year transforming their homes into spine-tingling, heart-stopping Houses of Horror… or at least they give it their best shot. Beyond all the fog machines, plastic fangs, fake blood, coffins and cobwebs, there's a story about passionate die-hards who live to scare.

We'll keep our eye out for more on this fun-sounding behind-the-scenes look at the nation's most clever haunted house designers.

Extra Tidbit: Is it October yet?!
Source: Variety



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