Milla Jovovich is the Blood Queen in new Hellboy reboot!

It was just a mere few hours ago that we shared the news that HELLBOY creator Mike Mignola hoped the new reboot from director Neil Marshall and starring STRANGER THINGS' David Harbour was going to be the beginning of a shared Hellboy Cinematic Universe, and now we have badass casting news!

Turns out RESIDENT EVIL and THE FIFTH ELEMENT hottie, Milla Jovovich has been hired to play none other than the Blood Queen in Marshall's reboot titled HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN.

Pretty cool, right? I mean we've spent the last few years seeing Jovovich portray the heroic Alice in the RESIDENT EVIL films and, to my knowledge, she hasn't played a villain since, what ZOOLANDER?

Other than that one that one movie that'd be a spoiler to include here... Anyway, I gotta say, Jovovich is the perfect choice to go toe-to-red-toe with Big Red. Bring it on!

Now on top of this bit of news, we found out the script is currently being reworked by Aron Coleite after the latest draft of a script by Andrew Cosby, Christopher Golden, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.

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HELLBOY: RISE OF THE BLOOD QUEEN starts shooting this September in the UK and Bulgaria.

All hail the Blood Queen!

Extra Tidbit: What do YOU think of Jovovich as a villain?
Source: Deadline



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