More returning characters confirmed for Scream Queens season two

Details on the second season of the Fox horror/comedy TV show Scream Queens have been trickling out in recent weeks. We've learned that the season will be set in a hospital, will be filming in Los Angeles, and that Niecy Nash will be reprising the role of security guard Denise Hemphill.

During a panel at the TV-centric PaleyFest this past weekend, the SQ season two information floodgates were opened. Not only was it confirmed that season one cast members Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourde, and Glenn Powell will be joining Nash in reprising their roles, but executive producer Brad Falchuk, who created the series with fellow executive producers Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, even provided something of a synopsis for the season and gave updates on where the characters will be in their lives when the show catches up with them.

The "synopsis": 

Dean Munsch has moved on to great success. She's abolished the Greek system in the country, she's written her book, she's traveled the world, and is like, "I need a new mission." This leads her into the health care field, where she decides to purchase a hospital and runs it the way she sees fit, taking on the seemingly incurable cases that no one else will take.

That tells us where Curtis's character is. Palmer's Zayday will be training under her to be a physician; Roberts, Breslin, and Lourd's Chanels have decided to take education seriously and are now medical students; Michele's Hester will be intimately involved with a killer who stalks the halls of the hospital; and Nash's Denise is now an FBI agent, investigating the hospital murders. 

Being terrible at keeping up with TV shows, I have yet to watch a single episode of Scream Queens, but it is near the top of my "to watch" list. So, how does the upcoming season sound to those of you who did watch the first season?

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