Morgan Creek actively developing a Nightbreed TV series

Earlier this week we learned that the long-awaited NIGHTBREED: THE DIRECTOR'S CUT would be heading our way in October from Scream Factory, but a new version of the tale is also in the works as Morgan Creek is now actively developing a TV series based on Clive Barker's 1990 film and the novel that inspired it, "Cabal".

This isn't the first rumblings of a potential television series we've heard. In March of 2012 we learned that Barker was 'actively in conversations' about turning NIGHTBREED into an episodic series, and in May of last year it was reported that there was interest in the show from a broadcast channel, but things have been relatively quiet on the TV front since then. With the renewed interest in NIGHTBREED from the upcoming release of the Director's Cut it seems that the long mooted television series may actually be moving forward.

Michael Plumides shared some info on the current status of the "Nightbreed" TV series, stating...

“We’ve been actively developing the Nightbreed TV series at Morgan Creek with Clive Barker for two years. We hope the newly restored Director’s Cut will help us illustrate how wildly popular the series could be to potential buyers. I recently penned four episodes including the pilot, with material all approved by Clive and Mark Miller at Seraphim Films. We have also been developing new Nightbreed creature concepts and I’ve been collaborating with Tate Steinsiek (SyFy’s Face Off) for some months now, to create all-new designs for old characters and a few new ones, as well. We think the fans will be very pleased – by staying true to the source material but also modernizing the concepts, we hope Nightbreed will appeal to this millennium’s viewer. By incorporating mind-blowing practical and visual effects with a product that has achieved legendary cult status we see a winner in the 18-49 market, especially in the absence of shows like True Blood, Fringe or even Sons of Anarchy. Barker’s vision is an amalgam of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror with violent, sexual overtones laced with dark comedy, and the Nightbreed series hits on all cylinders”

As mentioned above, the series has been in development for a number of years, but is still being shopped to buyers. Michael Plumides also spoke with Empire on his effort to stay true to the source material and the 'significant interest' in the potential series, sharing...

“It’s too early to say regarding a pilot, but there is significant interest in the Nightbreed property – and we have the Occupy Midian movement to thank for that. But in writing the scripts, I made every effort to stay true to Barker’s vision for the purists without deviating wholly from the source material – even consulting not just Clive and Mark but Barker experts and aficionados – people that live and breath Barker’s work. Also, I will say, it feels American, but the British accent shines through, occasionally. We hope to partner with a network that understands and appreciates the "monsters of Midian" as we do, but also recognizes the viability of the Nightbreed property."”

Let's hope that things move quickly for a "Nightbreed" TV series because there isn't a doubt in my mind that it could be a hit for whichever network wants to pick it up. I love NIGHTBREED and am stoked for the Director's Cut release from Scream Factory, and a new TV series would be the icing on the cake.

More on "Nightbreed" the TV series as we hear it.

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