Moviehouse Entertainment takes violent satirical thriller May I Kill You?

Stuart Urban's violent satirical thriller MAY I KILL YOU? - boasting the impressive tagline of "A psychopath on a cycle path" - has just been nabbed by Moviehouse Entertainment for sales at the Cannes Market next month. This is our first hearing of the movie, thankfully we have a poster and synopsis for you to party with below!

Set against the backdrop of last summer’s London riots, the film tells the story of police officer Barry ‘Baz’ Vartis (Kevin Bishop), a mobile cycle cop who becomes a Batman-like vigilante. He decides to ‘clean up’ the streets of London in a particularly unhealthy and violent way, all the while uploading his actions to the internet via various social networking sites and as he does so, gains a cult following.

Sounds like an entertaining ride. Certainly topical with the use of the tech. Don't know, somehow it reminds me of Rainn Wilson in SUPER. I wonder if MAY I KILL YOU? will be darker. The title surely is.

Frances Barber, Jack Doolan, Rosemary Leach and newcomer Haley-Marie Axe join Bishop in the film, which looks to attract international interest at the market.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever filmed a violent act?
Source: Screen Daily



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