Must watch: Fake trailer for Alien Tampon, plus gross-out poster!

When I first came across the ALIEN TAMPON trailer you're about to behold, I thought it came from the geniuses over at Funny or Die. But no, this fake trailer - which was put together in the hopes of expanding it into a feature film - hails from Germany and, from the looks of it, has the chance to become a viral smash. At the very least, this is not just some half-assed joke; the CG is impressive in spots and the production values are more than adequate. I'm sold. I want to see an ALIEN TAMPON movie.

The ominous synopsis:

A UFO breaks through the earth's atmosphere and falls to the ground. A huge number of police officers and military units are actuated for eliminating the alien threat. A fierce battle against a superior power starts, through forests and cities. Aliens are shot, blood flows, people die.

Away from this global problem Jessica, Nicole, Marie and Denise together with Carmen attend college. The girls have been arguing repeatedly, which culminates in a broil. Carmen drops her handbag in the turmoil, the contents of which are scattered over the stained asphalt. A tampon lands in a puddle of alien blood.

Carmen, humiliated once again, starts crying heavily and inserts the tampon, not noticing the green shimmer. The alien blood is contagious: she mutates and becomes a monster immediately, developing a vicious hunger for rioting, throwing plasma lightning and killing.

According to its official site, ALIEN TAMPON was completed in December after two years of production. That's two years to make a three minute trailer - I call that dedication. I suppose now the plan will be to see if some brave investors out there want to help make an actual movie out of this thing... Where do I sign up?

Extra Tidbit: Would you want to see an ALIEN TAMPON movie too?
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