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Welcome back, horror pals! I hope you're ready for another round of horror that needs to happen! Our last Alien Invasion Necessary Evil brought out some very cool comments and I'm glad it was well-received! Next Friday sees the release of this summer's most anticipated movie (for all the wrong reasons). Yes, the Ghostbusters reboot is finally hitting theaters. Will it suck? Will it work? Will all the buzz the haters are generating cause it to make lots of money? As of now, only the World of the Psychic knows for sure! But enough about all that! We all know that what the fans really want is a true sequel to the first two. They want Ghostbusters 3! So, I want to give it to them!

IDEA: I'm talking about a true sequel with all the original cast: GHOSTBUSTERS 3 bitches!

OUTLINE: Okay, first off, let it be known that I have a high respect for the original Ghostbusters and want the newest sequel treated with care. I want it to pay homage to everyone involved, which is why I'd like to open at Egon's funeral. There is no replacing Harold Ramis and his legacy deserves a part in GB3. This will be the first time Peter, Ray, and Winston, who is now a preacher, have all been together in a very long time. Other characters are there as well: Dana, who is now married to Peter, and her now grown son, Oscar. Janine, who ended up marrying Egon and is now a widow, and their now grown daughter, Ella. A now super wealthy Louis, in a cameo role, is there too with his much younger wife. They all pay their respects to their good friend and meet up afterwards at a restaurant in New York. Ray is taking Egon's passing very hard and is eating his feelings. He begins to experience chest pains and ends up having a heart attack.

Ray ends up dying and taking a trip to the afterlife. Once there, he hears a familiar voice. It's Egon who informs him that he was actually working on something very big in his lab involving ghosts. THAT is what killed him! "It wants revenge," Egon says. Ray is resuscitated and when he wakes up, immediately informs the Ghostbusters that something bad has been released and only THEY can stop it! The only problem is the Ghostbusters are old news. There hasn't been a major disturbance in the world since the days of Gozer and Vigo. When the boys attempt to alert the media about what could possibly be coming, they get accused of exploiting their friend's death as a means of restarting their now defunct business.

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com ghostbusters 3 sequel comedy horror bill murray dan aykroyd ernie hudson harold ramis Sigourney Weaver

Hence, the Ghostbusters are on their own... save for the two now-grown children. Oscar has always idolized his ghost-catching superiors and jumps at the chance to join them. Ella inherited Egon's brains and offers to help out and avenge her father's death. The group heads up to Egon's huge lab to look for clues. The facility is loaded with tons of Ghostbusters memorabilia from traps to proton packs. They enter one room with a blackboard covered in extensive equations and piles of notes Egon left behind. Apparently, he was working on some great machine that would enable him to contact and open up a portal to the spirit world. Suddenly, a large entity appears and takes control of Peter, Ray, and Winston. The spirit refers to itself as The One and says it has come to destroy them for what they did to its parents. Suddenly, a particle beam blasts into it. Oscar has on one of the proton packs. Ella throws a trap down under The One and sucks it in.

The group now has to head back to New York because the only place they know to get rid of the freshly trapped One is in their old containment unit which still resides in their old firehouse headquarters which has now become a Starbucks. Oscar and Ella take the car they all drove to the lab in while Ray, Peter, and Winston take the old Ecto-1 which is better suited for transporting ghosts as well as the machine Egon was working on. Upon arriving at the new Starbucks, the group parks illegally and rushes up to the front door. However, they are stopped by an old, skinny man in a suit scolding them for their park jobs. It is Walter Peck and he immediately recognizes who they are. He lays into them for attempting to resurrect their careers and rips the trap out of Ray's hand. The trap is burning hot, causing him to drop it. The lid bursts open, unleashing The One out into the city!

Now, the slime really hits the fan as all sorts of ghosts become unleashed throughout the city. This sets the stage for huge amounts of action as the Ghostbusters and their two new recruits throw on the proton packs. It won't be easy as The One has directed all the new apparitions to attack the Ghostbusters! The One takes control of all electrical outlets throughout the city. It reveals itself to be the ectoplasmic offspring of Gozer and Vigo, created specifically to return to the world of the living and destroy the Ghostbusters and then, the world! Through all electrical devices, The One is able to possess every human in the city. Now the Ghostbusters have to deal with both the dead AND the living coming after them.

In order to avoid hurting any of the possessed people, the Ghostbusters escape to the top of the Empire State Building, blocking off the stairs and elevators below them. While there, they blast any ghost that comes at them as Ella attempts to turn on Egon's machine. Finally, The One descends down upon them. Its strength has grown and nobody can hit it with the positron beams. The One swoops up whatever traps are left and tosses them off the building. The Ghostbusters are soon overpowered by The One and whatever ghosts are left. Ella kicks on the machine just as The One is about to apply its death stroke. Seeing the gateway to the other side opening in the sky, The One tells them that no man can send it back that way. Just as it is about to kill the Ghostbusters, a glowing hand touches its head from behind. The One turns around to find the spirit of Egon latching onto it! He nods towards his Ghostbuster family before dragging The One as well as its ghostly minions back through the gateway in the sky.

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com ghostbusters 3 sequel comedy horror bill murray dan aykroyd ernie hudson harold ramis Sigourney Weaver

WHY IT COULD WORK: Fans have been begging for a true third Ghostbusters for years. The reboot doesn't look terrible, yet many refuse to even acknowledge it! Clearly, the demand is there and I really believe that the studio has to deliver. Just make it with respect to the fans and the original two films. Considering the old timer references mixing in with the already evident comedic chemistry that the cast shares could make for one enjoyably, nostalgic romp! Just have to convince Mr. Bill Murray that the story is there!

CHARACTERS: Obviously we bring back all of the original cast. I say that the spirit of Harold Ramis is handled in the same respectful and classy way that Paul Walker was handled for the end of Furious 7. As for the two newest cast members, I think that Ryan Gosling would actually be perfect for playing Oscar. The dude has some seriously sweet comedic timing. Lastly, I say the absolute homerun of a pick to play Ella would be Emma Stone! She's funny, talented, has red hair like Janine, and had some Ghostbusters fun with Bill Murray in Zombieland! (ssee pic below)

CONCLUSION: Look, we all know by this point that a third Ghostbusters would already be welcomed with wide open arms compared to how the reboot has been (unfairly?) treated. You just need to bring back the mostly willing original cast and stay true to the series. I also stress that honoring Harold Ramis should be a sensitively handled priority. I wouldn't want to offend anyone or send out the wrong message. Beyond that, I'd say that Ghostbusters 3 has been a no-brainer for a very long time.

Well, I've gotta hear it. Are you still down for a Ghostbusters 3 or should we feel lucky that there is at least a reboot? What will it take to finally get Peter, Ray, Winston, and company back on the big screen? Do you have any cool ideas on what you'd like to see in a third GB film? Kindly blast them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com ghostbusters 3 sequel comedy horror bill murray dan aykroyd ernie hudson harold ramis Sigourney Weaver emma stone zombieland

Extra Tidbit: What will it take to FINALLY get GB3 off the ground?!



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