Netflix decide not to continue dinosaur adventure series "Terra Nova"

You guys remember that Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur series "Terra Nova?" This shite hit Fox late last year and needless to say it didn't make much of an impression.

Personally I was stoked for this shite but after watching the first couple episodes I was done. There was just so much wrong with "Terra Nova" it isn't even funny. Not only was the acting and production as a whole lacking, but the special effects were a complete turnoff. It seems Netflix feels the same way.

You see 20th Century Fox TV and Netcaster have been in serious talks to bring the sci-fi show over to Netflix but things just didn't work out. The chances of this happening were never very good considering the elaborate production and vfx demands of the dino-drama, which lensed in Oz.

So it seems "Terra Nova" will head to the TV series boneyard. That's not to say it couldn't come back in the future but right now it looks like this one will be dead and buried. What do you guys say? You glad about this or were you digging the show? Be sure to let us know what you think by spitting some bullets below!

"Terra Nova's" Naomi Scott
Extra Tidbit: Another new genre series that is planned to head to Netflix is ABC's "The River."
Source: Variety



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