Netflix will possess the exorcism comedy series Crazy Face

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While Fox works out the kinks of their monumentally ill-advised pilot based on The Exorcist, the British have quietly hammered out their own possession show that promises to be much more entertaining. It's called Crazy Face, and it's a horror comedy from Urban Myth Films for Channel 4. From Howard Overman, the creator of Misfits, the six-part series has already been picked up by Netflix, who has lately been snapping up original properties like a hungry hungry hippo.

Crazy Face:

is a funny and gripping entry about friendship, love and facing your demons. It follows the angst and exorcisms of an unlikely duo of demon hunters.

When people die most go quietly into the night. But some have unfinished business: scores to settle. These souls work through their issues by possessing the living. Most of the time they walk freely among us, unseen by all but a special few. Amy (Cara Theobold, Downton Abbey) is one of those few. She works in a bowling alley and never imagined herself battling the legions of hell. Enter Raquel (Susan Wokoma, Chewing Gum), armed with Wikipedia and a baton she bought on eBay, Raquel's a self-made demon hunter with a whole lot of baggage and an impressive lack of social skills.

Riann Steele (In the Flesh) will play Amy’s best friend Suzanne; Lewis Reeves (Unforgotten) is Jake, her coworker who has a massive crush on her; Arinze Kene (Youngers) is Raquel’s level-headed older brother Tyler; and Tony Curran (Sons of Anarchy) is the sinister Callum.

Crazy Face will broadcast exclusively in Britan on E4 before Netflix picks it up to stream globally.

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