Neve Campbell reminisces on the summer she shot Scream

My favorite horror movie of all time is SCREAM.

Sure, other flicks like JAWS, ALIEN, and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD give Ghostface a run for his/her money every now and then in my horror heart, but SCREAM always keeps its top spot. It was the first (real) horror movie I ever saw and I still adore it to this day.

This all means that go figure, I'm a massive Neve Campbell fan. Recently Neve sat down with EW and talked through her filmography including THE CRAFT and SCREAM. Why she always leaves out ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? is beyond me, but live and let forget about Dangerous Soups, I say.

Anyways, Campbell talks a bit about THE CRAFT but mostly it's reminiscing about a screening the cast and director attended in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. Not bad. But it was, of course, her thoughts on SCREAM all these years later that caught my attention.

Neve Campbell on SCREAM:

None of us really thought it would be huge. We would literally sit together at night after long days, covered in blood, and we’d say, ‘Do you think that maybe there might be a Halloween costume?’ Twenty years later, I still see them.

Damn, right you do. Scream forever!

What do you think of the 1996 Wes Craven classic? Are you one of those peeps that hates on the flick because of what it spawned, or do you marvel at its wit and brutality year after year? Let us know either way on Facebook, Twitter, and or Instagram!

Before that though make sure to peep a video I personally shot (sorry about the bouncing around...) at Spooky Empire a few years back. It includes Campbell, Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard remembering Wes Craven a mere few weeks after his tragic passing.

Glad I could share it with you guys... Plus a pic of her and I... Sorry to fanboy out. Forgive me.

Look at this lucky goof.

Extra Tidbit: Pick a flick: SCREAM 2 or SCREAM 4? I go with part 4. Emma Roberts, baby.
Source: EW



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