New Blair Witch Project movie in the works?

There's a juicy rumor (and I must stress rumor) up at Bloody Disgusting that sure is an eyebrow-raiser. The site claims Lionsgate is currently developing a new BLAIR WITCH PROJECT; whether it's a prequel, sequel, remake, etc. is currently unknown.

Furthermore, BD posits that THE WOODS, the new horror film from THE GUEST team Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, is actually related to this BLAIR WITCH flick. Not sure just how credible this info is (BD isn't making any promises with this scoop), so take all of that with a grain of salt.  

If true, I wouldn't be surprised by the revelation a new BLAIR WITCH movie is in the works. Despite a sequel being made (liked by some but mostly forgotten), there was never much capitalization on the low-budget horror phenomenon. The time might be right to dust off the title and bring it back to life.

We'll keep you updated as we (hopefully) learn more. It's also worth noting there's a documentary about the 1999 film coming out called THE WOODS MOVIE.

Extra Tidbit: Would you want to see a new BLAIR WITCH PROJECT?



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