New cover and synopsis for Clive Barker's The Scarlet Gospels!

Clive Barker fans, get ready for a treat sent straight from hell. The author's new (and final) Pinhead story, THE SCARLET GOSPELS, is coming out soon, and we've got the new UK cover art and synopsis to share. Unfortunately the image is low-res at the moment, but you still get an idea of the awesomeness in store.

The gates to Hell are open and something beckons... The last of Earth's magicians are living in fear. A Cenobite Hell Priest known as Pinhead is killing them off, gorging on their knowledge to enhance his own magical powers as part of a quest to takeover Hell.

Meanwhile, Private Investigator Harry D'Amour is fulfilling the final wishes of the dead, who communicate with his business associate, the blind medium Norma Paine. But while investigating one such case, Harry inadvertently opens up a rift between hell and the real world.

When nemesis Pinhead emerges through the portal, a vicious battle ensues. After failing to enlist Harry as one of his Scarlet Gospels, an elite group of indefatigable messengers who will witness his takeover of hell, Pinhead captures Norma and Harry realizes he must go through hell - literally - to save her.

Bonus: If you head over to Clive's website, you can pre-order a signed copy of the book! Which I might be doing right now, money problems be damned!

THE SCARLET GOSPELS comes out May 19th.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be picking up THE SCARLET GOSPELS?
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