New image from Paul Feig's Ghostbusters doesn't cross the streams

Ghostbusters Paul Feig Chris Hemsworth Kate McKinnon Leslie Jones Kristen Wiig Melissa McCarthy

There are several cameo appearances from familiar faces in director Paul Feig's upcoming reboot of GHOSTBUSTERS, many of them actors who starred in the original GHOSTBUSTERS films - Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts, Sigourney Weaver. There's also a cameo from an entertainment icon who had nothing to do with GHOSTBUSTERS. A fellow called Ozzy Osbourne.

Empire got their hands on an image that, presumably, comes from the sequence in which Ozzy makes his appearance. The rocker can't be seen in the picture below, but what you do get to see is the new Ghostbusters team, which consists of Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones, blasting at an unseen apparition with their proton packs.

When a winged demon starts causing trouble at a rock concert, these ladies are who you call. About them, Feig says, 

I wanted my ladies to be badass. I wanted them to get in over their heads and fight ghosts. I like the idea of them having to enter a giant setting and take on ghosts."

We'll get to see just how badass Feig's Ghostbusters are when the film reaches theatres on July 15th.

The plot: 

Dead criminals from all eras of New York’s under­belly past have returned to roost among the living in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot. Pilgrims, old-­timey sailors, Revolutionary War spirits, and even a couple of zoot­-suited gangsters are ready to take on four formidable female busters looking to rid the city of its phantasmic filth.

The members of the titular team are joined in the cast by Chris Hemsworth, Neil Casey, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, Pat Kiernan, Cecily Strong, and Charles Dance. Plus those aforementioned cameo makers.

Ghostbusters Paul Feig Melissa McCarthy Kate McKinnon Kristen Wiig Leslie Jones Ozzy Osbourne

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to seeing the cameos?
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