New teaser trailer pops up for that Irish horror flick Citadel

It was only days ago that new guy Ike was treating us all to the news that the Irish horror flick CITADEL was finally scoring a release date and now here I am to throw a new teaser trailer for the film at you guys!

No reason to beat around the bush with this one, you can get a glimpse of the new trailer by scrolling on down below or heading over to our videos section. If you're not sold on CITADEL just yet maybe this will do the trick?

The dilapidated suburbia of Edenstown casts a shadow over Tommy Cowley’s life. Trapped there by his agoraphobia since his wife was fatally attacked by twisted feral children, he now finds himself terrorized by the same mysterious hooded gang, who seem intent on taking his baby daughter. Torn between the help of an understanding nurse and a vigilante priest, he discovers that to be free of his fears, he must finally face the demons of his past and enter the one place that he fears the most…the abandoned tower block known as the CITADEL.

Coming at us from director Ciaran Foy, the film stars Aneurin Barnard and James Cosmos. The killer kids romp is set to drop into theaters in a limited release starting October 26th courtesy of Cinedigm Entertainment and New Video.

CITADEL Teaser Trailer
Extra Tidbit: CITADEL is Ciaran Foy's first feature film.
Source: AITH



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