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Nick Groff is one of the most respected names in television and beyond when it comes to the paranormal. He has had incredible experiences in some of the most haunted locations in the world. As a friend to Arrow in the Head, we’ve shared some very exciting experiences with Nick including a couple of wild and spooky moments that we’ve managed to capture on camera. Thus, we’ve decided to work with the television host and producer extraordinaire so he can share his knowledge and insight on all things that go bump in the night. With this bi-monthly column, we plan to delve into everything from urban legends to ghostly apparitions, to his take on some of the coolest genre flicks ever. This is Nick Groff Investigates...!

Nick Groff Investigates, Nick Groff, AITH, Arrow in the Head, horror, JoBlo.com, Bobby Mackey's Music World, Nick Groff TourBOBBY MACKEY'S MUSIC WORLD

There is one place that I’d love to go, and it is a world of music mixed with a heavy dose of paranormal activity. Because frankly, I’m not only a massive horror lover, I also happen to adore music. While my musical tastes run the gamut from alternative to rock to rap, my go-to is often folk, bluegrass and country. Now I’m not talking the crap you hear on the local radio, I love the real shite man. From Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson, or Patsy Cline to Loretta Lynn, that sound always hits me in all the right places. These are the songs that I grew up with. And yes, I still find myself humming along to a cool tune on the radio - or perhaps one on a Rob Zombie movie soundtrack - and singing a classic song or two. But you know what is even better? Seeing this style of music live and in person.

With this love of music, and of course my appreciation for scary stories and the paranormal, one place that I’ve always wanted to visit is the legendary Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Built on the same site where an old slaughterhouse and meat-packing facility once stood, this nightclub brings a ton of cool bands and musicians to play for an audience looking for a good time. And as a plus, you may run into a few ghostly groans, as well as an apparition or two. Some of the stories involve a headless young woman by the name of Pearl Bryan, a few bloody mob tales, and of course a tragic love story that turned to suicide. These are a few of the tales that have many speculating that on this particular premise, you can find a portal to Hell. Why have I not been to this amazing location?!?

There is one person I know who has a serious knowledge about all things in Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and of course that would be our man Nick Groff. With the many experiences he’s had there, the idea of expanding on some of his tales about this haunted place had me excited. In fact, if you happen to be near Wilder, Kentucky, you may want to check this out. Nick Groff Tour will once again be heading into one of the coolest haunts this side of Hades - come on, I couldn’t have just one Hell reference. I asked Nick about his time spent at this incredible location, as well, I wanted to get his thoughts on what he expects to find when he returns near the end of June. Read on to hear his thoughts, and make sure you pick up for tickets if you’d like to go on an investigation with Nick and the fine folks behind Nick Groff Tour - get your tickets here!

“My first experience in 2008 at Bobby Mackey's was so bizarre it rattled me to the core for a long time. I was very scared with what happened there and with me personally. I did not understand a lot back then when I was growing into my own quest in life, but soon realized how real positive and negative energies can effect the living. There has been a strong energy about Bobby Mackey's location ever since I first read about the history. I have returned to Bobby Mackey's 5 times since and will be going back a sixth time in June 2019. I am good friends with Bobby and Matt and all who work there, but this world is so strange that I feel we all cross paths for a reason. I believe I was meant to go to Bobby Mackey's and learn from my experiences to grow stronger in my quest for the afterlife. There are so many mysteries that surround the location and a lot of legends over the years that have built up.

When I lived at the location for three days, I learned so much more I never knew about. I put some of the legends to rest and brought facts to light. We discovered an amazing piece of evidence during our stay at Mackey's. A strange energy formed for eight minutes in the basement while we slept and floated past our camera. This footage captured is amazing! After showing it to Bobby Mackey he even thought is was the best footage ever captured and shown to him. He was more skeptical, but open minded to the possibilities. Bobby has always said he comes to play music and enjoy the location, but then leave to go home. I posted the footage documented on my social media pages for everyone to see. I really believe we documented the energy of the entity that has been communicating in the basement and portrayed as negative at times. The presence is very strong. You can personally feel the energy and atmosphere change when this entity is down there near you.

I am looking forward to investigating the location once again and trying to communicate with this entity to figure out where it came which I believe to be long before the location was built. I believe this energy is some sort of thought form or being that manifests and transforms into whatever people are trying to communicate with down in the basement. I will see everyone there June 30th at the Nick Groff Tour. There is so much more that needs to be researched and learned from Bobby Mackey's location. Can't wait to document more evidence of the other side.”



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