The official trailer for Carrie is finally here!

As promised we've got the official trailer right here for you guys to finally check out! There was a lot of hype surrounding the flick for a while but ever since it got pushed all the way back to October we haven't really heard much from the film. Now, with the first official trailer we can finally see exactly what Chloe Moretz will be like in the iconic role of Carrie White — and it's pretty damn wicked!

The quiet suburb of Chamberlain, Maine is home to the deeply religious and conservative Margaret White and her daughter Carrie. Carrie is a sweet but meek outcast whom Margaret has sheltered from society. Gym teacher Miss Desjardin tries in vain to protect Carrie from local mean girls led by the popular and haughty Chris Hargenson, but only Chris’ best friend, Sue Snell, regrets their actions. In an effort to make amends, Sue asks her boyfriend, high school heartthrob Tommy Ross, to take Carrie to prom. Pushed to the limit by her peers at the dance, Carrie unleashes telekinetic havoc.

I gotta say, I really love this trailer. It pours on the suspense along with a bucket of pigs blood. What more could you want? Enough of the words and stuff, check it out!

Extra Tidbit: Now that you've finally seen the first official trailer, what did you think?
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