Open Grave director finds Sanctuary

OPEN GRAVE director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego is already eyeing his next trip into the horror genre with a pretty intriguing little flick called SANCTUARY. Lopez-Gallego seems to have found a voice in the horror genre, and while I haven't seen APOLLO 18, I thought OPEN GRAVE was f*cking fantastic as he brought something new to a tired genre with a crazy narrative that leaves you guessing until the film's final frame. SANCTUARY, which is being produced by Atlas Independent, was written by Ryne Douglas Pearson and it follows...

three documentarians who travel to South America to investigate a town which mysteriously disappeared from the map. The trio are led to the ultimate enigma after a series of misfortunate occurrences:  an immense concrete structure located in the middle of the missing town, with no entrances or exits.

I don't know about you guys but after reading that synopsis I'm kind of dying to see what Lopez-Gallego has in store with this one. "We intend to make a commercial horror film with one of the leading directors of the genre at the helm," said Atlas Independent’s William Green and Aaron Ginsburg. This will be the third collaboration between Atlas Independent and Gonzalo following OPEN GRAVE and THE MAN ON CARRION ROAD, which will begin production in April.

Erin Richards starred in OPEN GRAVE

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys check out OPEN GRAVE? What did you think of it?



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