Paranormal Activity 5 writers developing haunted real estate drama series

Jason Pagan Andrew Deutschman NBC The Eight

Two years ago, we reported that Universal Cable Productions purchased the rights to Ian Rogers' 2012 horror short story "The House on Ashley Avenue," and now they're actually doing something about it! NBC is now developing the material into a series, written by PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION scribes Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman. The duo previously collaborated on the time travel flick PROJECT ALMANAC.

The show, entitled The Eight, is set:

inside the High Risk Claims Department of an AIG-like insurance company – a small secret unit that specializes in insuring haunted houses. After the death of the company’s enigmatic Founder, the department is forced into a high-stakes race to find The Eight – a mysterious group of properties, hidden across North America, connected by a terrifying and powerful force.

I've gotta say, their CV isn't too inspiring, but I really dig that premise. I like the idea of the supernatural mixing with a vast bureaucratic conspiracy, two things I never thought I'd see together in a single series.

Pagan & Deutschman are executive producing along with Vertigo’s Roy Lee and Michael Connolly.

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Source: Deadline



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