Park Chan-Wook's Stoker now looking at Matthew Goode for the lead

Well here's a bit of news coming at us from out of left field. You guys remember how Colin Firth was in talks to star in Chan-wook Park's domestic directing debut STOKER? Well it seems that's not the case anymore!

According to Variety a new leading man has stepped up to the plate in the form of Matthew Goode. The site reports that Firth, along with James Franco, Michael Fassbender and Joel Edgerton, have all moved on since being in talks for the STOKER lead. Now it's Goode's role to lose it seems.

The film follows an eccentric teen named India Stoker who, while mourning the death of her father, suddenly must deal with an uncle who mysteriously appears...and the strange things that then happen.

STOKER also stars a whole lot of sexy in the form of Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman (below). Other names attached to this thing are Tony and Ridley Scott, who are producing, and "Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller, who penned the script under the pseudonym Ted Foulke. Not too shabby huh?

Of course Goode (above) is only in talks for the role and is yet to sign on. We'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for any more updates on STOKER and as soon as one comes our way we'll be sure to pass the good word along to all of you!

Extra Tidbit: Colin Firth just won the Best Actor Academy Award for THE KING'S SPEECH.
Source: Variety



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