Patricio Valladares to direct body horror film Embryo, starring Natalie Burn

Downhill Patricio Valladares Natalie Burn

Last month, director Patricio Valladares' Chile-filmed horror movie DOWNHILL was released in the UK on DVD and VOD. Now Valladares has announced that he will be re-teaming with his DOWNHILL co-writer Barry Keating and star Natalie Burn for a body horror film called EMBRYO.

Details on the story Valladares and Keating have crafted are being kept under wraps, all that is currently known about EMBRYO is that it centers on

the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster.

The idea for this Valladares/Keating/Burn collaboration was formulated after the trio was approached by an investor at this past August's FrightFest film festival in London, where DOWNHILL made its UK premiere.

EMBRYO will be a co-production of Valladares Pictures and 7 Heaven Productions. Filming is expected to take place in Kiev in the winter of 2017.

This will actually be the fourth time Valladares, Keating, and Burn have made a movie together. In addition to DOWNHILL, they have also worked together on the genre films NIGHTWORLD and THE GHOSTS OF GARIP.

Natalie Burn

Natalie Burn

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