Patrick Brice's Creep uploads a creepy official trailer


I feel like I've been hearing about CREEP forever (well, maybe only as far back as 2013, when it was acquired by Blumhouse Productions). Formerly known as PEACHFUZZ, the found footage comedy-thriller has been making its way to audiences slowly but surely, and now it's almost ready to reveal itself. CREEP will be premiering exclusively on iTunes in a few weeks before heading to Netflix next month, and a new trailer has gone online. See it below, but watch out for Josef... I just don't trust that guy.

Starring Patrick Brice (who also directed) and Mark Duplass, CREEP goes like this:

Looking for work, Aaron (Patrick Brice) comes across a cryptic online ad: “$1,000 for the day. Filming service. Discretion is appreciated.”

Low on cash and full of naiveté, he decides to go for it. He drives to a cabin in a remote mountain town where he meets Josef (Mark Duplass), his cinematic subject for the day. Josef is sincere and the project seems heartfelt, so Aaron begins to film. But as the day goes on, it becomes clear that Josef is not who he says, and his intentions are not at all pure.

CREEP arrives on ITunes June 23rd and becomes available on Netflix July 14th. Check out our review from last year's Fantasia Fest HERE.

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