Peep the teaser trailer for Paul Campions creature feature Dark Hollow!

Back in September, we let you know Paul Campion's follow up to THE DEVIL'S ROCK, DARK HOLLOW, had been put on a expedited production track. Well, we didn't know it'd be this fast...

A new teaser trailer for DARK HOLLOW has shown up online, be sure to give it a gander underneath. It has a dreamy, surreal quality that makes the ending hit a bit harder. At least, that's what I gleaned.

Adapted from Brian Keene's horror novel of the same name:

On a walk through local woods rumoured to be haunted, writer Adam Shay comes across a strange sight: a statue of a half-man, half-goat creature, a satyr from ancient legends, that comes to life before his eyes. Soon, women in town begin disappearing, summoned to the woods by the satyr’s hypnotic piping. When Adam gathers his friends to hunt down the satyr and save the women, what they uncover is an unholy evil hell-bent on protecting itself and spreading its seed…

Props to B-D for the drop!

Extra Tidbit: You see THE DEVIL'S ROCK? Make you pumped for DARK HOLLOW or what?



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