Black Mirror: Bandersnatch poster is a maze of the mind

It was just earlier today that we shared with you guys the trailer for the upcoming feature film of Netflix's horror(ish) anthology series BLACK MIRROR. Netflix will be unleashing the all-new "episode" of the series online beginning this Friday, December 28th. And now we have the film's poster for you to check out. As we told you guys yesterday, the new episode is really a full-length movie called BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH and it stars Will Poulter (WE'RE THE MILLERS), Fionn Whitehead (DUNKIRK) and Asim Chaudhry (PEOPLE JUST DOING NOTHING). 

Netflix confirmed that the film is "set in the 80's" with the plot based around a 1984 video game which was never released. The film is reportedly a choose-your-own-adventure and will evidently "allow viewers to interactively dictate events using their remote control" and will supposedly follow:

A young programmer who makes a fantasy novel into a game. Soon, reality and virtual world are mixed and start to create confusion.

The film is said to contain "extreme violence" and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT director David Slade (who also helmed the awesome fourth season black & white episode, "METALHEAD") directs. Whatever the hell BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH is, it will be unleashed on Netflix THIS FRIDAY.

Source: AITH



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