Replace, starring Barbara Crampton, gets a troubling trailer

Replace Norbert Keil Rebecca Forsythe

It's been a couple years since we heard that Norbert Keil's feature directorial debut, the horror thriller REPLACE, had received the green light from its Canadian and German producers, and now the film has been completed and is coming soon, with Entertainment Weekly getting the first look at its trailer.

Starring Rebecca Forsythe, Lucie Aron, Sean Knopp, and genre royalty Barbara Crampton, REPLACE centers on 

a young woman named Kira afflicted by a disease that causes her skin to age rapidly and crumble away. When she discovers she can replace her skin with that of another person, Kira must choose between watching her body fall apart or give into temptation, regardless of the cost.

Keil wrote the screenplay with HARDWARE / DUST DEVIL director Richard Stanley.

The trailer can be seen below, and it features imagery and ideas that viewers who are squeamish about nightmarish skin diseases are likely to find very disturbing... Trying hard to not make a "this trailer will get under your skin" pun.

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Source: EW.com



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