Review: Hannibal, Episode #11

Hannibal, Episode #11
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THE MENU: While being transported Dr. Abel Gideon, a man who was manipulated into believing he was the Chesapeake Ripper escapes his chains and goes on a well constructed rampage to pay back those he believes robbed him of his identity. Meanwhile, Will Graham's grip on reality and his own identity crumcles completely.

THE MAIN COURSE: Two words folks, Columbian necktie. I feel I just have to take a second to mention that visual of tonights in particular to capture that it is that sort of audacity this show dares to have that makes it one of the best things going. There are a few reasons why I find tonight’s episode to be the best of the season, the cinematography, the performances (Hugh Dancy in particular), and the pacing. The opening scene in Will’s mind with that wall of ice crumbling, that tidal wave coming in, and Will literally dissolving into water was an amazing jumping off point, visually as well as setting us up for a wall crumbling in Will Graham’s mind and body. I see what they did there.

The theme of tonight’s episode is losing sight of your identity, forgetting who you really are. This is a tragic situation that Will Graham and Dr. Abel Gideon (portrayed brilliantly once again by Eddie Izzard) share. It was a treat watching Izzard portray Gideon, he is as intelligent as he is ruthless, and the culmination of his story that ended the episode had me feeling as sorry as I could for the crazy son of a b*tch. The poor schmuck seriously didn’t know who he was anymore, and he made sure he allowed Frederick Chilton feel the full weight of what he created via a small operation. It was the inclusion of Gideon that contributed to the episode’s great pacing as well, here was a man who needed to be taken care of quickly and there was a sense of urgency to the whole thing that I didn’t get in some previous episodes.

As for Will Graham, Dancy’s performance tonight damn near moved me to tears a couple of times. First the subtle meeting with Hannibal where tears formed in Graham’s eyes as he was discussing the breakdown of his own psyche…how does somebody deal with that? Then there is a moment in which Hannibal finds an opening to take advantage of Will’s weakened state in which Will completely breaks down begging Hannibal not to lie to him before having a mild seizure. The scene of which I speak I loved because it’s Hannibal Lecter that Graham brought Gideon to not Crawford, there is a trust there that isn’t verbalized by Graham but I am sold on the “friendship” they are trying to develop between Lecter and Graham.

As far as any complaints on tonight’s proceedings, I can’t peg down anything major that took me out of the drama of it at all. I do have to say, by the end of it I did sit here briefly scratching my head how necessary the inclusion of Freddie Lounds really was to the tone of the story being told tonight, but she’s so dame banging that I didn’t mind the eye candy. We needed her pretty face to juxtapose Chilton’s organs being temporarily stolen, y’know? Also from a character perspective I shook my head at Crawford not taking Hannibal’s advice as it pertained to what Graham is permitted to do. Come on Crawford, you’ve seen Graham losing his sh*t now listen to what Graham’s professional f*cking psychiatrist is telling you.

DESSERT: Bottom line, I truly think tonight will be hard to top as far as the final two episodes of the season goes. Beautiful cinematography, Hugh Dancy knocks it out of the park once again, Eddie Izzard as Abel Gideon both terrified me and got me to feel sorry for him by the climax, the gory and bloody goodness was there tenfold, the dynamic between Graham and Lecter continues to compel me week in and week out, and we got another short but alluring cameo by Gillian Anderson…I can stare at that woman all damn day. Yup, Hannibal is the real deal.

Only two episodes left in the season, and next weeks episode is entitled "Relevés". It is finally verbalized by Will Graham that someone on the inside may not be who they seem, and we get glimpse of Hannibal seemingly taking advantage of Will's weakened state to make Will doubt himself. Come on Hannibal, that's not how "friends" treat each other bro. Check out a promo of next week here



Extra Tidbit: Line of the episode: "I have no interest in understanding sheep, only eating them."



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