Right at Your Door director set for Attach

Paramount has set their eyes on a little sci-fi flick titled ATTACH, which will be produced by CHRONICLE's Adam Schroeder. According to THR, Paramount has nabbed writer-director Chris Gorak's sci-fi spec script ATTACH. Gorak, a longtime production designer who segued to the director's chair for the 2006 thriller RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR (pictured), also will direct ATTACH. I really dug RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR as it was a pretty solid indie thriller, but Gorak is also coming off the not so stellar THE DARKEST HOUR so I'll have to wait and see more from this one before I get too excited.

Right now plot details are being kept quiet, per usual, but the flick is being described as in a similar vein as CHRONICLE in that it is a big visual concept with a young cast at the center of it. Okay, so that doesn't tell us a whole hell of a lot, but it's better than nothing! Keep an eye out for this one as we'll be keeping you folks in the loop as more news comes in!

Extra Tidbit: Did you guys watch RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR? What did you think?
Source: THR



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