Sam Raimi's second feature, Crime Wave, blasts onto Blu-ray in May

Four years after blowing the horror world away with THE EVIL DEAD, Sam Raimi chose a different path to follow with CRIME WAVE, a screwball comedy-thriller that is simply bonkers. Co-written by his pals Joel and Ethan Coen, Raimi's flick isn't nearly as dynamic as his debut, but it displays the director's fondness for absurdity and slapstick comedy with some pretty amusing results.

If you haven't seen it yet, you'll get a chance to this spring. Those rascals at the Shout! Factory are cooking up a brand new transfer for a special Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that will release on MAY 14th. No special features have been announced yet, but hopefully the distributor gets all the major players (including Bruce Campbell, who has a small role) involved.

The synopsis:

In a nod to film noir, the head of a security systems company is bumped off by two gonzo exterminators who have gone from stomping out pesky varmints to stomping out human targets. The exterminators go after the partner who hired them and his blatantly obnoxious wife (Louise Lasser) and, in the meantime, frame a poor security guard (Reed Birney) for the murder of the company boss.

Starring in this zany comedy are Reed Birney (Adult World), Louise Lasser (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman), Paul L. Smith (Midnight Express), Brion James (Blade Runner) and Sheree J. Wilson (Walker, Texas Ranger). Pre-order the combo pack right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever seen CRIME WAVE?



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