Sarah Smyth and Jewel Staite star in She Who Must Burn, out October 11th

She Who Must Burn Larry Kent Jewel Staite

Midnight Releasing will be giving director Larry Kent's "thought-provoking and violent" horror film SHE WHO MUST BURN a cable VOD, digital HD, and DVD release on October 11th.

Sarah Smyth and Jewel Staite star in the film, which tells the following story: 

A deadly storm heads towards a small mining village as the local preacher feeds the dark resentments seething in the souls of its citizens.  Angela is the only medical resource for women in this unfortunate town where stillbirths and cancer have become disturbingly common. The local preacher and his followers blame Angela for the miscarriages and deaths, and even her Deputy Sheriff boyfriend can't protect her from their wrath. Dark clouds gather as the preacher's followers, infected with religious fervor and inflamed with passionate righteousness, seek to cleanse their community. Those who sin against the Lord must pay.

Smyth is playing Angela, the healthcare provider at odds with an evangelical family in the village, while Staite's character is a desperate member of that family who Angela attempts to help.

It sounds like Kent and his co-writer Shane Twerdun have crafted an interesting, intense, and topical tale with this film. If the story sounds appealing to you, and you like the looks of the trailer below, watch for SHE WHO MUST BURN to show up on DVD or Dish Network, Cox, Charter, Verizon Fios, DirecTV, iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, and XBox, among others, in just two weeks.

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