Scott Lobdell has written a script about a vengeful dog named Odin

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A veteran comic book writer, Scott Lobdell has written a handful of projects for the screen over the years as well, mostly within the realms of television and animation. A couple years ago he had a bit of a breakthrough in the world of live-action features when director Christopher Landon brought his script HAPPY DEATH DAY to life on the big screen.

Now Lobdell has revealed on Instagram that he has written a script for another movie, and he describes it in a way that already has me very interested in it. Teaming with BLACK SWAN co-writer John McLaughlin, Lobdell has written a project called ODIN as both a graphic novel and a screenplay.


a revenge thriller in the vein of John Wick — if it was Wick who was murdered, leaving the dog to seek vengeance against the killers!

I'm sure the ODIN graphic novel will be published, but I really hope the film version will get made as well. I am totally on board to see a movie about a vengeful dog tearing into the people who murdered his human buddy.

Lobdell and McLaughlin previously worked together to craft the story of the 2005 comedy MAN OF THE HOUSE, but HAPPY DEATH DAY and BLACK SWAN are probably more fitting projects to mention when discussing ODIN.

Source: Instagram



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